Very beautiful and attractive design
The belts are open to beautiful design en powerful images in order to captivate the shopper. They are produced with the newest techniques.
Premium quality belt
The premium quality of our belts makes them perfect for tactical and strategic use. The coating is executed by a machine of own design to meet our requirements.
Very easy and fast to install and remove
They are easy to install and remove without any technical expertise or machines. It happens in minutes and no cleaning up afterwards is needed.
Made-to-measure and ready-to-install
All belts are made-to-measure of the project based on the specs of the customer and delivered plug-and-play with the required installation gels.
All types of cash registers
The belts can be installed on all types of chekouts as long as they are operational and in good order. Even older models can easily be equipped with our belts.
Service minded
If needed we can evaluate with our customer the best solution for the project on hand. This can be logistics, sales or design.