What is the printed belt of BELTMEDIA made of ?

Our belt is a real high quality conveyor belt and no sticker. Our belt is produced and treated by laser in a very special way so to create an exclusive product of very high quality.

What is the life span of a BELTMEDIA belt ?

The life span varies depending on location and treatment, but being a real conveyor belt of very high quality this belt offers a very nice ROI.

Where are the BELTMEDIA belts produced ?

Our production site is centralised in Europe and shipped to our global customers.

What volumes can be ordered ?

Our production facility is fully automated and digital. We manufacture in rolls so we can also do very large volumes as easily as smaller volumes.

Can the printed belt be used on all checkouts ?

Being a real conveyor belt, our belts can be used every where conveyor belts are used. The checkout has only to be in good working condition and the belt has to pass through without friction.

How long does an installation of a promotional belt take ?

Installation can be finished by one person under 5 minutes. This person does not need any specific technical qualification.

What special equipment is needed for the installation of a promotional belt ?

None what so ever.

How long does the remaoval of a promotional belt take ?

Removal should take one person less than 2 minutes. There is no cleaning afterwards needed of the black belt.

What special equipment is needed for the removal of a promotional belt ?

None what so ever.

Is there any risk for damaging the black conveyor belt ?

None what so ever.

What about maintenance ?

Our belts are very easy to maintain for example with some standard cleaning spray with a soft detergent and soft cloth to wipe it off.

What can be printed on the belts of Beltmedia ?

Everything is printed in full HD CMYK colour. The artwork can be delivered to us or we can offer this service at a basic rates. Technical specs are available.