Tactical advertising campaigns at the checkout

conveyor belt advertising MENTOS FT
The checkout in your store is by far the best location to bring your advertising message to the shopper. They all pass and stop at the checkout. This message can be about your products, services or in the shop. This can be POS at the checkout but also further away in the store as shopper come by more and more often every week. Independant research  in different countries, show us that customers re...
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Third party advertisers benifit fully of the exposure

conveyor belt advertising FIRST ARKANSAS BANK FT
Being the best location in the shop also third party advertisers like banks, insurances, non profit organiation and also other products and service not available in the store can reach effectively the shoppers. With a retention of more than 81% this is the best score possible.
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In store communication for retailers and their partners

conveyor belt advertising DELHAIZE ONLINE FT
At the checkout the retailer can reach his customers in a really optimised way. Using this place for his own communication is perfect. This can be promoting the own online shop, loyalty cards, cashless  payments, ..
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Boost shopper experience and look-and-feel of the shop

The shopper experience is very important in the succes of the store. Personalised checkout belts can boost this and the general look-and-feel. Conveyor belts in your own colors or stylish white are all possible and the shopper feels the story you want to tell him.
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